Emile was born on the 7th of May 1971 in Schoonhoven, Holland. As a youngster, having to move from one place to another, he soon found out that his own creative mind was his best homecoming.

Inspired by the infinite versatility of the human face, Emile started drawing pencil portraits in which he discovered his raw artistic talent and a way to make a small living. However though, as time past by, the desire to develop became obvious and inevitable. So he went on, experimenting with all kinds of techniques in figurative oil painting with portrait and nude as his main themes. He even profoundly studied the old classical masterpainter-techniques like they were used in the 17th century. During these passionate years he found a traditional base that still supports his methods of today’s work.

In his online-gallery you’ll find a small selection of the many paintings he has delivered so far. An overview of classical oil portraits, mostly commissioned, which clearly prove his exceptional craftsmanship in romantic realism. With his delicate vision and excellent painting skills, you will find Emile working all over the globe, leaving his authentic portraits behind that have their own unique identity, provided by the person and his history.